Valentine’s Day is a special occasion when we try to do something special for our loved ones. Do away with the traditional roses or candy and give her a gift from the heart and the hands.  Take care of some of those small home improvement projects that she has been asking you to fix for ages.  Here are a few inexpensive suggestions along with links to help you get them done.

1. Update Door Knobs. They cost anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars each and they can make a huge difference to the look of your doors.  Newer homes are often built with rather boring and generic knobs. Impress your loved one by installing new ones. offers a wonderful selection of doorknobs.

2. Install a Luxurious Showerhead. Turn your shower into a personal spa. Most of us suffer from cheap old showerheads. It only takes a few minutes and $25 to $50 to install a new showerhead that has better water pressure and coverage.

3. Get the Carpets Cleaned. This service is actually cheaper than you would think.  The average homeowner pays about $250 to clean 1,000 square feet of carpet.  While you are at it, most carpet cleaning companies also clean furniture. Your significant other would be thrilled to come home to a house with spotless carpets and furniture.

4. Replace Faucets. Similar to a doorknob replacement, changing your bathroom or kitchen faucet is a cheap way to update these rooms. Lowe’s gives a step by step guide to doing it yourself. It only takes a few hours and some common household tools.

5. Paint a Small Room. Put a smile on her face with a fresh coat of paint in the bathroom or another small room. A small room won’t take more than a half-day.

6. Install a Closet or Cabinet Organizer. Everyone wants more usable closet space.  A quick fix for extra space is to install double-decker rods, however, a true closet remodel will require hiring a contractor. For the kitchen, there are many quick fixes to add more cabinet or countertop space.  Install a hanging stemware rack, and under the shelf rack, and a sliding cabinet organizer.

7. Fix a Broken or Cracked Window. Although not a difficult job, replacing a window requires some skill and attention to detail. It’s better to hire a professional for this job. You should get multiple price quotes from local window replacement companies.


Ranita Cherry is a freelance writer concentrating on home improvement tips and tricks.

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