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Air-tight insulation is easier for renovators


(NC)—Since prospective buyers can now measure the energy efficiency of your home, it is worth paying close attention to the quality of every upgrade and renovation, say specialists in this field. Choosing the right materials and methods to save on energy bills is going to put dollars in your pocket both now and in the future.

“Construction practises have come a long way in a few short years,” says Todd Blyth at Nudura, manufacturers of the insulated concrete form (ICF). “When building a new home from scratch, our concrete method replaces inefficient wood framing— but for those doing renovations on existing homes, you can now get similar efficiency. It’s a Nudura line called RetroFit Insulation Technology and it is ideal for the insulation of foundation walls, inner and outer walls, as well as flat and cathedral ceilings.”

Blyth offers a snapshot ( of the renovation method:

“For both interior and exterior walls, it’s a shiplap system of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which allows large 4 X 8 foot sheets of this foam to be installed without any gaps for air leakage. The insulation is easy to cut, easy to install, and the performance value is up to R-14. Drywall can then be attached directly to the embedded fastening strip allowing the electrical wiring to be easily run. The foam EPS is recyclable and is produced from recyclable materials.”

Occupant comfort

Blyth points out that resident health, enjoyment, and a sense of well-being are all top-of-mind when it comes to renovator choices for fixtures, features and materials.

“Not only does superior insulation reduce home heating costs, it significantly reduces outdoor  noise, drafts, and unexpected cold spots from room to room.”

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  • This is a great product which I have used mostly on ceilings to add insulation and seperate noise transmission. Contact a Nudura distributor if you have any questions.