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How to Convert a Garage into a Livable Space

Most homeowners no longer use their garage for its main purpose: to store their cars.  Today people use them to store all kinds of junk they no longer use. Instead of using it as a junk room, the most efficient way to utilize the extra space is to create an extra livable space for any or all members of the home.

A Useful Tip

To begin making the garage useful, it will need to be de-cluttered and purged from all junk that is no longer needed.  In order to do this and make some money to go towards the remodeling – have a garage sale. This enables you to purge not only items in the garage but also throughout the home as well. In doing so you will be well on your way to making the extra space into a more livable area depending on your needs.

Room Décor & Ideas

Man Cave – What guy doesn’t dream of having his personal man cave?  A space he can retreat to and watch the games with his guy friends is ideal for any man in the home. This is one of the easiest ways to turn a garage into a livable space. Most guys do not need a lot of décor when it comes to their man cave. A nice television and a comfortable recliner make perfect set up for most men.  If he would like something more elaborate, placing a refrigerator and some sports memorabilia in the space should do the trick.  Finally, you chooses to go all out, making it into a game room equipped with a pool table and some arcade games could be the ideal solution to creating the perfect man cave.

Playroom – There is no extra space when it comes to children. They seem to encompass every room of the house with their toys and baby gear. Making a garage into a playroom can open up other rooms  in the house to make the home more efficient. Ikea is a great source for getting cubicles and shelves for storage. By hiding some of the kid’s stuff in the garage, they not only have a place they feel is theirs but you also have a nice home that gives the appearance of being organized. This is also a great idea on rainy days when the kids want to ride their bikes but cannot go outside. The flooring is not easily messed up like carpet can be at times. This creates a solution for the kids and for the adults as space is utilized more efficiently.

Gym – Some people do enjoy working out and going to a gym every day is not always accessible for everyone. Converting a garage into a gym can be a great way to serve the purpose of staying fit without breaking the bank. Gym memberships can be expensive, so purchasing exercise equipment can be a great investment if you are serious about working out. Finding great deals on exercise machines at yard sales and places like Craigslist can be a good way to convert the space at a cheaper rate than buying all new equipment. Making the garage into a gym gives you  a great place to get away to work out without bothering other family members in the home.

Regardless of your reason for converting the garage into a more livable space, it is a great way to utilize an area that is not typically used by homeowners. It is essential when getting the best use out of the entire home. The conversion is also a good excuse to purge all the junk being stored in the garage that is not being used. Planning a space that is ideal for the family can be a great project and possibly increase the value of the home.

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