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The Barista’s Guide to Lattes

How To:  Choose a Perfect Coffee Bean

coffeebeansThe flavour of coffee is determined by many different factors, including variety, region of origin and climate. Much like choosing the perfect wine, picking the perfect coffee bean is part knowledge and part personal preference. Don’t be afraid to try different varieties to find the coffee bean that is perfect for your personal taste! To help you get started, here are a few common terms you’ll hear used to describe coffee beans.

  • Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee beans come in two different varieties. Arabica beans contain less caffeine and fewer chlorogenic acids than Robusta beans. Robusta beans contain more oils, which gives them a more intense yet much milder flavour.
  • Acidity Refers to the acidness or briskness of a coffee. A coffee with high acidity is often described as brisk. Coffee with low acidity and a mild flavour is described as mellow or mild.
  • Bitter This refers to a basic flavour type which is detected primarily at the back of the tongue.
  • Body Refers to the thickness of a coffee. Body can be light, medium or full.
  • Earthy Refers to an herb, humus or mushroom note of a coffee.
  • Exotic Refers to a coffee with unusual aromas and flavour notes (floral, berry etc.).
  • Fruity Coffee with berry-like or tropical fruit aromas is said to be fruity.
  • Nutty A flavour that reminds you of nuts.


RECIPE:  Spiced Vanilla Latte

HOW TO: Make a Latte Art Rose


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