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Bathroom Additions Made Easy

Anyone who’s ever done it knows that adding a bathroom to the home can be quite a challenge. Finding the right plumber and installing the drainage line can take days of construction, not to mention deep pockets.

“We can help with that,” says Daniel Cayer, the national sales manager for Saniflo Canada, an industry leader in macerating toilet systems.

“Not only do our systems provide a cost-effective solution to homeowners and renovators, the macerating toilets also provide an alternative when standard plumbing fixtures are impossible or cost-prohibitive due to the positioning of existing drain lines. With our products, anyone can install a bathroom where needed: a basement, garage, attic, or even under the stairs.”

Cayer says the macerating toilet systems eliminate the need for conventional rough-in with below-floor drainage. Because walls and floors remain intact, these above-floor systems do not require expensive renovations, and installation is quick and easy.

“Whether you are considering adding a spare bathroom to your home or even renovating an existing one, we offer a more simple solution to what can be a complex problem,” Cayer continued. “Our toilets can be installed in as little as half a day.

With macerating systems, he explained, flush water is routed through the toilet into a macerator where a rotating blade reduces waste and toilet paper, so it can be pumped away through 3/4-inch piping to the nearest drain line. This small-diameter pipe means drain lines can run without opening up walls and floors. Macerating systems also feature additional drainage inlets, allowing for the connection of a sink, bath and shower. The result is a desired bathroom installed quickly and cost effectively, anywhere you need.

More information is available online at or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874.

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