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Bathroom Systems Advance for Building Efficiency

Here’s the latest news to make bathroom installations much easier.

Leading manufacturer, Saniflo Canada, has introduced a new system that requires less time on the job site for contractors and minimal stress for the do-it-yourselfers. The new Saniaccess 3 is an easy-to-open double-panel macerating unit that provides quick access to the internal components so that periodic maintenance can be seamlessly accomplished in any home or building.

This model incorporates two easy-to-open service panels located atop the unit on either side. One panel allows access to the electrical components as well as the level sensor mechanism of the macerator while the other accesses the basket area around the macerating blades to allow easy removal of any large objects that may have been accidentally flushed.

“Each internal component can be serviced and replaced without disconnecting the entire system, allowing for huge savings in time and money,” says Daniel Cayer, the company’s national sales manager. “This unique product is perfect for any contemporary bathroom and can also be concealed behind the wall, if the owner prefers.”

Industry analysts agree that this newest innovation is a powerful unit since its rotating blade is able to reduce wastewater significantly at a fast rate. In addition, the unit can accommodate a complete bathroom (including a sink, a shower and/or bathtub) and discharges waste up to 15 feet vertically and nearly 150 feet horizontally, while operating quietly with sound-absorbing technology. The unit is a perfect solution for owners of either a residential or commercial building. The product can be utilized in rental properties such as basements, apartment units, offices, restaurants and more.

More information is available online at or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874.

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