84618HServing up winning food and drink combinations at your get-togethers this summer will ensure that your efforts are a big hit with guests, no matter whether you are lounging on the dock or planning an at-home staycation. Take a look at these food pairings for beer and cider:

Dinner Party at Home

Foods: chicken, seafood, salads

Beers: fruity/lager based

You may not be off to the cottage or travelling the world, but planning the perfect staycation dinner party at home will wow guests with the tastes of summer.

Opting for a light, fruit-based beer will kick up summer dishes without cutting or overpowering the taste. A new option for beer lovers is Mad Jack premium apple lager. It is light in body with a clean finish and subtle apple aroma that pairs perfectly with a range of lighter foods. Or, the bright but slightly sweet grapefruit taste of Rickard’s Radler will be a thirst quencher for hot summer days and will pair perfectly with crowd pleasers like lobster and broiled fish.

Porch-Side Snacks

Food: cheese

Beer: ales/wheat beers

Taking time out to beat the summer heat and enjoy a shady moment on the porch is best enjoyed with some beer and cheese.

While wine is a well-known complement to cheese, beer is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to cheese pairings. For example, the taste of caramel and slight bitterness of Rickard’s Red pairs nicely with a semi-soft creamy Havarti. The delicate sweetness and hint of bitter in the beer is a fitting match for the slightly acidulous taste of this smooth, buttery cheese.

Brie is a great pairing choice for a crisp, fresh wheat beer like Rickard’s White, which has a citrus, spicy quality. The soft, rich taste of the cheese balances with the citrus profile of the beer leaving a buttery mushroom finish.

Grilling and Chilling

Food: BBQ – pork/sausage

Beverage: cider

When you’re breaking out the barbecue this season, try something a little different and reach for a cider. The fruit-based ingredients in Molson Canadian Cider are quite acidic and will cut through spicy foods like a champ. Roast pork, spicy sausages or even a sweet and sour pork dish are the ideal accompaniment to cider.

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