If you were to ask me which colour is going to give you the most ‘BAM’ for your buck, while still transcending all the styles as well as decades…I’d have to say Navy Blue leaning to the deep Indigo is the winner.



Olympic Paint Colours: Dragon Fly, Egyptian Violet, Smoke Screen, Secret Passage

I love this image of a beautifully finished room. It is playful, sexy as well as very sophisticated. The use of navy is outstanding.


Photo Source

The trend of lighter floors is coming back..it allows you to use a dramatic colour such as navy without feeling like you’re darkening the space too much. This dining room is so beautiful, the architecture obviously helps, but the blue bits really ‘make’ it.


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There is a reason why Blue Jeans go with EVERYTHING…think about it! It can be sophisticated and royal, it can be casual and beachy, it can be rustic and masculine as well as juvenile and fun. It’s all in the accessories and accent colours you put with it.

The new trends in flooring go beautifully with navy blue. Washed oaks which have a bit of an edge or light walnut which is classy and timeless.

light oak

Light oak ( casual and chic)

wood grain light

Wood grain ( classic and timeless)

Navy goes very well with all metals, polished chrome, brushed gold, copper..the addition of metallic finishes to a room which has navy will only bump up the sophistication quotient.

lenora slver

lenora gold

Lenora Tables

Look at this sofa, how stunning is this, rather than the usual grey or brown, how about a deep navy velvet sofa, it will bring drama as well as a classic touch to any space.


Photo Source

Colour is coming back into the world of appliances, La Corneu is a high end manufacturer of classically styled appliances which have all the modern amenities you may wish for.


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Ralph Lauren has always done Navy beautifully; whether found in furniture, accessories or fabrics, navy blue has a been a staple in Ralph Lauren collections for years.

RL navy plate

RL navy access

RL Pillow  1

This is my Favourite colour right now in Interior Design and it goes with my favourite colour Orange beautifully. I hope to use it generously in an upcoming project.

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