Time to answer the age old question… how do you keep your bathroom so white? Read below for the easiest, most effective tips we have to offer!

1. Break Out the Sponge! White walls can scruff easily but before you to touch it up with white paint, think about testing out a sponge first! Why? Because the white paint you use will probably be a slightly different color than the original, resulting in discoloration! Try a sponge FIRST!

2. Forget the Mop… at First! Spotless floors are essential to ensure that your white bathroom is always looking first class! Let’s face it: mops don’t always do the trick! Vacuum FIRST before using a mop to ensure that every last speck is picked up before taking a mop to the space.

3. Say NO to Bleach! Harsh chemicals and damaged surfaces? No thank-you! When used consistently, the harsh chemicals found in bleach can damage bathroom surfaces! Start looking for alternatives like Universal Stone Cleaner. It’s all-natural, eco-friendly and works really well! In fact, there are plenty of alternatives out there that help do the trick without harming your bathroom!

These tips were originally shared on the Bloomsbury Instagram page – follow us on Instagram for more great tips and design ideas for your kitchen and bathroom!

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Rhonda Thornton, Principal of Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry, is an accomplished Kitchen Designer with over 17 years of residential kitchen design and planning experience. Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry is a leader in design and manufacturing of truly Custom Cabinetry, specializing in the art of Bespoke English-Style cabinetmaking, built to with stand the test of time and trends. Rhonda has collaborated on well over 500 kitchen projects and has had the privilege to contribute her expertise to some of the most stunning homes and cottages in the GTA.

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