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Closets Fit for a Queen

How to organize your closet & keep it organized!


With spring around the corner it’s time to get those disorganized closets purged and to get them organized!

Closets can be a much disorganized and overwhelming space to take on and try to establish simplicity so it can stay fresh and practical. Bloomsbury has designed and created many closets for clients that allow for those closets, big or small to become design efficient and beautiful spaces.

When it’s time to purge the closet think of what pieces have you not worn for more than one season? Are there any Items that you do not feel good in that you are just hanging on to? Make 3 piles:

  1. items you love and look for regularly
  2. items you occasionally wear (classics stables, evening wear etc
  3. Stuff you can’t remember the last time you wore it and or looked at it and hesitated to put on

Once you have determined what your needs and wants are we can then move forward to the organization.


Think of how you use the space. Where do you put your shoes? How do you hang your clothing? Where do you place your Jewelry, Purses, and Accessories? All these Items Bloomsbury takes into consideration when designing a space that is functional and has pizzaz.

  • Open Shelves-Jeans, Sweaters
  • Drawers- Socks, under garments
  • Rods- Dresses long and short, suits, dress pants, dress shirts
  • Accessories- Jewelry, belts, ties, shoe rack

It is nice to colour block your closet arranging clothes from dark to light.

Creating a space for everything in the closet will keep things systematized and create a designated spot for each article.

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