For many homeowners, owning a cottage or vacation property is a dream come true. When searching for your perfect vacation property, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind.

Waterfront Exposure: When you envision your perfect day at the cottage, do you start off by taking in a sunrise on the deck with a cup of coffee or do you end the day sitting around a bonfire watching the sunset? Determining your preference will help narrow down the locations that best suit your lifestyle.

Accessibility: It is important to understand what access options the property will offer. Is there road access or is it water access only? Are access routes well maintained or will it become more difficult based on weather or season? While these issues may not be deal breakers, it is important to understand your options and be honest with ourself as to what level of accessibility you require to be able to fully enjoy your property.

Seasonality: How do you intend to use your vacation home? Is it simply a getaway during the summer months or do you envision Christmas mornings spent around the fireplace at the cottage? Not all cottages and locations are suitable for year-round use, if that is your intention.

Amenities: While the goal is likely to have a place to escape from the day to day, proximity to things like hospitals, shopping and restaurants can be an important consideration as well. Having these options available within reasonable driving distance may make it easier for you to spend larger periods of time at the cottage.

Water Quality: The depth and condition of the body of water is something you will want to ask about. Is it rocky, sandy, mucky or weedy? Are you looking for sandy beaches with great swimming or a good fishing spot? You will also want to ask about regulations on the water. Some lakes do not allow for electric motors for example.

Waterfront Width: The width of your waterfront access is another important consideration. While there may appear to be a large waterfront area, you will want to know how much of that waterfront is actually part of your property.

Text by Bill Jackson, Lake Country Real Estate Team, As seen in our 2021 Cottage & Outdoor Living Special Edition – available to download for free today!

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