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Create a New Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a bathroom from scratch or updating an old one can be very expensive, although it can be well worth the cost as a lovely bathroom can dramatically up the value of your home. It is possible, however, to create the bathroom of your dreams without spending too much. How? The key is to plan carefully and make sure you don’t get sweet talked by the bathroom salesman into buying more accessories than are necessary.


The first thing to consider when constructing and remodelling a bathroom is the budget. How much are you willing to shell out for your bathroom? Depending on the materials and on whether you will let the professionals handle all the construction work or you’re also going to DIY, your bathroom cost can range from a little over $1,000 to as high as $60,000.


The next important thing to remember when creating a new bathroom is the location. Where do you want your bathroom to be? The most practical thing to do when choosing a location for your bathroom is to pick an area that is near existing waste and water pipes. You can choose to ignore this advice and set up your bathroom anywhere you like using the Saniflo system, but it will be expensive. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and go with the option that best suits your preference and budget.


The following are some of the cost-effective ways to consider when planning the construction of your bathroom:


● If you are looking to update an old bathroom, carefully examine the existing one and find out the elements you like and don’t like. Do you like its color scheme? How about the lighting? Is the bathroom big enough for a person to move about? The key here is to eliminate the undesirable elements and improve upon the good ones.


● Consider the materials you want for your bathroom flooring. Would you like tiles, rubber, vinyl, stone, bathroom carpet or linoleum? Vinyl and linoleum are the cheapest and easiest to clean options for bathroom flooring.


● Would you like the toilet and bathroom separate or together? How about having the bathtub in conjunction with a shower or as a stand-alone fixture?  Generally, combining two features is more economical.


● A wet room looks super chic, but it’s very expensive as it should be tiled from floor to ceiling. It is also generally more high maintenance than traditional bathrooms. Converting your only bathroom to a wet room may also reduce your home value as buyers usually want a bath as well.


● The bathroom should be properly lighted. Put adequate lighting especially around the vanity mirror. Having windows and glass shower doors are energy-efficient ways to improve bathroom lighting.


● Take measurements of your bathroom and, on a piece of graph paper, draw out the bathroom layout. This way you can carefully map out where you want to put the windows, the bathtub, radiator, electrical sockets, etc.


● To get the best value for your money for your bathroom fixtures, visit and compare prices at several DIY stores and bathroom retailers. Some work you can DIY, but for more complicated elements like plumbing and electrical, hire a professional. Make sure the costs for labor and materials are quoted separately.


● Visiting home shows, researching on the Internet, watching home improvement TV shows, and reading home decor magazines  will give you plenty of ideas to create the desired look and feel for your bathroom at minimum cost.


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