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Tassimo Buying Guide

Anyone looking for a new coffee brewer, whether it is for an office or at home, might consider buying one of the Tassimo single-cup brewers. The brewers make a single cup of coffee or a coffee drink like lattes rather than making a full pot of coffee that might end up tossed out at the end of the day. While the convenience of the system might appeal to some individuals, it is important to consider key points before buying the brewer.

One Touch Brewers:

The Tassimo brewers are all designed to make a cup of coffee with the touch of a button. This is the common feature of all the Tassimo brewers. Simply put in the beverage tag, close it and press the brew button to make the coffee or hot beverage of your choice.

Brewer Size:

Different brewer sizes are available through Tassimo. The larger Tassimo brewers have a large water tank that allows several cups of coffee before it needs to refill the tank. The larger brewers are more common than small brewers because the average sized brewer is designed to make several cups of coffee, just as any coffee brewer that makes a full pot of coffee at a time.

For those who need something a little more compact, the Tassimo T10 or T20 models are made with you in mind. The T10 and T20 are compact brewers that fit in small spaces for those who have limits on brewer dimensions. The downside of compact brewers is the fact that they have small water tanks that are less than one liter.

Quiet Brew System:

The Tassimo brewers, like any other coffee brewer, is likely to make noise as the coffee is made. Though some of the brewers do not muffle the noise of brewing, the T45 and T65 units are made with a quiet brew system built into the coffee brewer.

With the quiet brew system, coffee and hot beverages are available without making much noise. The lack of noise is perfect for those who need the brewer in an office space or in any area where noise will disrupt others.


Filtered water allows the coffee to taste pure. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to run water through a filter before filling up the coffee brewer. The result is often an unpleasant, tap-water taste that distracts from the taste of coffee. Fortunately, Tassimo has options that filter the water for you.

Both the T45 and T65 brewers have a built in charcoal filter. The filter removes impurities from the water and provides pure water to make the coffee or beverage.


The Tassimo brewers have both pros and cons that buyers should consider before buying the system. Before buying, determine the size you want for a machine, whether color choices are an issue, whether a filter is necessary for your machine and whether noise is an issue. Once you work out the details of your needs, finding the Tassimo brewer that fits what you want and need a simple process of eliminating those that do not fit into your needs.


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