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Create the Patio of Your Dreams

The most beautiful patios – those we see in magazines and fantasize about for our own backyards – are treated with the same attention as the rest of the house. The layouts are carefully considered, they have a sitting area, eating area and a cooking area. The colour scheme is coordinated and transitions from the adjacent interior to the outdoors so there is a seamless flow.

It’s easy to make and maintain your own idyllic patio, perfect for entertaining as the weather warms up, by considering the following tips from Award-winning interior decorator Laura Stein.

Bring the indoors out

Create a comfortable and intimate living area by choosing furniture that would look just as good indoors as out, and arrange it for conversation or to maximize the view. Keep surfaces looking like new all season long by using Vim Cream Naturals Multipurpose Cream cleaner, which is made with 90 per cent naturally-derived ingredients and is safe for use on plastic patio furniture and ceramic surfaces.

Accessorize the space

No space is complete without accessories, so accessorize your patio with elements found in nature. Use potted plants and flowers of different sizes, tones and textures arranged in groupings for variety and interest. Consider adding a water feature, such as a fountain or a pond, and stone sculpture to add depth and personality.

Be resourceful

Nature provides wonderful building materials for outdoor use, so if you’re starting from scratch, build your patio with natural materials. Cedar is incredibly durable and an excellent material for decks. Natural stone also makes an excellent patio surface and is perfect for pathways and terraced walls.


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  • You offer some really great advice. Designing and creating the best outdoor patio involves more than just purchasing furniture and accessories. You have to use your imagination and design a space that you enjoy spending time in. Personalize the outdoor area to accomodate your personality, style, and taste.