Decorating for longevity is key when planning a room for kids. Most of us cannot afford to change a room’s décor as often as our kids change their shoe size. The key to stretching your decorating budget is to plan a space using key investment pieces that can grow with your child.

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Short-Term Fun

A room like this is fun for kids, but the longevity is very short-term. Photo Source

image 2

Fun Yet Transitional

This room is still fun but it will transition well into you child’s teenage years with lots of space for homework and studies.

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Keep Key Pieces Simple

This room is fun and whimsical with an accent wall and colourful flooring. The furniture’s clean lines make this room easy to update as a child ages. Photo Source

image 4

Pick Materials That Can Be Updated Easily

Consider a fun flooring material like carpet tiles from FLOR. Carpet tiles are available in a variety of patterns and colours and can easily be changed as the child grows to suit their changing tastes and needs. Photo Source

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Choose Ageless Elements

Chalkboard paint on a feature wall is a fantastic idea for all ages. Your adolescent can draw and be creative while the teenager can write notes on the wall without facing consequences. Photo Source

image 6

Create Personality in the Accents

Built-in cabinets can enhance the function of your kid’s room. From infant-to-toddler-to-teenager, consider a design which is simple and classic without funky shapes. Add personality in the room with unique cabinet knobs, cushions, pillows and other décor accessories. Photo Source

image 7

Make it Removable – Or Easy to Recover!

Consider a wall mural which doubles as a learning tool. There are removable wallpapers available to give you this look. If you are feeling ambitious, you can paint it yourself. When your child outgrows it, you simply paint over it. Photo Source

image 8

Decorate with Colour

Rather than creating a room with a “theme”, decorate with colour as your principal inspiration. Paint is the easiest way to completely change the feeling of a space. If you wish to minimize the commitment, paint only one wall in a strong accent colour for that “pop” kids love to have in their spaces. Photo Source

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