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How to Design an Entrance Way

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When guests enter your home, the greeting they receive is much like the first impression one makes when meeting someone. This is the place to make a statement and tell your guests who you are and what your home’s personality is. Though in most of our homes this space is used to hide away shoes, coats and other paraphernalia which most families gather, there is no excuse to leave it behind in your plan to design and decorate.


Lighting is key to creating drama in a space. The entry hall or foyer is a perfect place to add a dramatic effect with wall sconces or rope lighting in the crown moulding. To offer versatility in your lighting plan, consider adding dimmers to your recessed lights and the ability to turn on only the wall sconces and/or the rope lighting.


The flooring in your foyer or hall area has to work hard to help maintain the cleanliness of your home. However, for most of us, this area is not very large so we can install a floor which looks fantastic while doing the boring job of maintaining cleanliness. If you’re fortunate to have a mudroom such as these folks had, you can step it up with a finish which is more formal like Marble. Creating a pattern with a simple material will give you a personalized look. Keep it geometric and classic for longevity and investment value.


Providing a spot to drop keys, random papers or mail may be necessary if you have only one entry, so a piece of furniture which can house these items via a drawer or a door is very useful. Here, a mirrored cabinet adds glamour and pizazz, very suited to the personality of the lady of the house. I also like to add a mirror close to the front door to check oneself before stepping out into the world.

Text by Evelyn Eshun, Produced by Canadian Home Trends Magazine

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