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Expert Advice: Antique Brick Wall Restoration

Masonry expert, Carlo Gil, gives advice on brick wall restoration for condo renovators.

Q: I am renovating an older condo and I uncovered the original brick wall but the brick is quite damaged. Is there anything I can do to salvage the gorgeous, antique brick wall?

brick wall restoration

A: In order to preserve the beautiful, aged look of the brick wall, it is important to work with a masonry expert who specializes in historical restorations and has experience with brick wall restoration. Many masons will tell you to replace all the brick with newer brick or put up a new wall with a brick veneer. The problem is that a new brick or veneer won’t have the same authentic, aged look you love so much!

We have many years of experience with this type of project. This process only takes a couple of days at the most and is usually a lot less costly then completely replacing the wall would be!

This restoration process can be used for indoor features and can also be used to bring new life to a stone deck, walkway, porch or other exterior stone feature as well. – Carlo Gil,

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  • I completely agree with Carlo’s response. A lot of masons overlook the fact that historical brick restoration is as much an artform as it is a repair job. Fully replacing the brick would not only be costly but would change the look of the entire room as well. Again, would recommend Carlo’s advice in finding a business who is skilled in this area. Best of luck!