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Exterior products like wood and vinyl siding are commonly used but have some drawbacks. Wood siding looks amazing but requires considerable maintenance over the years. Vinyl siding is more durable and much lower maintenance but doesn’t have the high-end aesthetic of wood.

Gentek offers the best of both options with ALIGN Composite Cladding. Made with innovative GlassReinforced Polymer and Graphite-Infused Polystyrene technology, ALIGN combines the low maintenance, moisture-resistant benefits of vinyl with the beauty of wood. ALIGN features a deep, rich grain that looks and feels like real wood, without the work! With 20 fade-resistant colors to choose from, there is an option to suit any home.

In addition to looking beautiful, ALIGN offers a number of other benefits. The product has a thermal R-2 value, which helps to enhance the energy efficiency of your home. It is also impact-resistant and has been performance-engineered to resist high winds, moisture, flame spread/smoke development, dents and dings including from the occasional stray baseball. Last but not least, ALIGN is lightweight and easy to install, making it easy for the installer and faster for the homeowner! You can have your tradespeople in and out in much less time than with other exterior installations.

It can be overwhelming trying to settle on a color that you love, that looks great on your house and that you won’t grow tired of over time. When selecting colors for your exterior, there are a few steps you can take to help narrow down your choices.

VISUALIZE YOUR COLORS – For many people, visualizing how different colors will actually look on a home can help provide reassurance in design choices. Gentek offers a Visualizer that enables just that. You can upload a photo of your home and test out various ALIGN siding, trim and accessory colors. This allows you to see firsthand what colors look best on your home before you make your final selections!

SELECT COLORS YOU LOVE If you stick to color palettes based on colors you are naturally drawn to, you are more likely to love your exterior for years to come. Flip through magazines, browse Pinterest boards and take a drive through local neighborhoods. Take note of homes and color schemes you are most impressed by to get a good idea of the colors that appeal most to your personal style.

OBSERVE TRENDS WITH CAUTION Trends show us what is currently popular in home design, and looking at current trends can open your eyes to ideas and color schemes you may not have considered otherwise. When choosing colors, it is important not to use trends as the primary reason for your selections as trends come and go. Choosing a color simply because it is trendy this year may lead to disappointment down the line.

– Gentek Building Products www.gentek.ca

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