Renovating your bathroom is a personal decision and what you choose to do with it is entirely your choice. Here we are going to present a list of bathroom renovations blunders that are currently not in fashion and with any luck never will be back in fashion.

Bamboo Shower Curtains

Decorative shower curtains can be great, in children’s bathrooms. Popular cartoon characters or other children’s designs can really liven up shower time for the young ones. Bamboo shower curtains do not occupy this design space. Unsuitable for children and adults alike, these occupy a space in the area of bad décor that is undeniable to all but the owners of such curtains.

It’s the kind of curtain a goofy exchange hosting family might innocently put up to make their Japanese exchange student feel more at home. Nobody wants to be that way. Don’t erect a bamboo shower curtain.

Red Tiling

While not the best image to show the true feel that red bathroom tiles give out, the image should be a stark warning to all those considering red for something ‘a little different’. Your bathroom is a bathroom, not a diabolical altar of offering. Many people over 30 years of age have probably come into contact with a red bathroom at some point. Some of us were brought up in a house with a red bathroom and made to use it. Unless you enjoy invoking a bilious reaction in yourself and your visitors every time the bathroom is used then stay away from the red bathroom tiling.

Pink Bathrooms

Pink bathrooms were a common feature in bathroom design ideas around 50 years ago. These pastel colored spaces have actually attracted the interest of worldwide military and intelligence agencies as a means of extracting information from hostile subjects. Build one of these and it might be a good plan to remove $20,000 from the market value of your home, or whatever the current price is for a bathroom renovator to make your bathroom ‘not pink’.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough information on a few things to avoid when looking for design ideas. Best of luck with your future home renovation or purchasing projects!



This article is presented by Bathroom Renovations Perth, a locally owned Perth business that connects bathroom renovators and the people who really need them.


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