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Four Problems You Might Discover in a New Home

Buying a new home can be exciting, but it can also cause you a lot of headache if certain problems are present. This may be particularly true if you decide to purchase a foreclosed home. Here are five problems that you might discover in your new home and ways that you can work to resolve them.

Plumbing Problems

Old pipes and plumbing fixtures can cause leaks that may result in extensive water damage. Plumbing problems can also result in water and sewage backups and effect your water pressure. The best way to resolve your plumbing problems is to call a professional plumber who will replace any old pipes or fixtures and perform any other necessary repairs.

Pest Damage

Bugs, rodents and other pests are known to wreak havoc on properties and may have caused extensive damage to the home that you have just purchased. Certain pests are known to chew threw wires and insulation and leave droppings that create a health hazard. Termites can greatly damage all your wooden structures. You can buy pesticides or traps that may rid you of your pests or call an exterminator if your pest problem is particularly severe. You might also need to hire home repair contractors if the damage is extensive.

Hoarder Remnants

If the previous owner of your home was a compulsive hoarder, he or she likely left behind a lot of garbage that will need to be cleaned. The city usually sends workers to clean up the trash if there is an abundance of it inside and around the home. You can also find a company that offers hoarding cleanup services in your area to come in to do the job.


Lead could still be in your home’s paint if the property was built prior to 1978. If any of this lead is accidentally ingested by you or your children, lead poisoning may occur. The lead in the paint can also cause lead-contaminated dust to form, which can further lead to lead poisoning. You can have testing performed to find out if your paint contains lead. If lead is found, you can try applying a new coat of lead-free paint for a temporary solution. For a permanent solution, you will need to have a certified lead abatement specialist come in to remediate the situation.

You can live in a less hazardous environment by taking the necessary precautions if you discover any of these problems. Many of these issues can be resolved by putting forth the investment into hiring the right contractors.

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