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How to Add a Bathroom Anywhere

Adding a new toilet to any room in your home can seem like an impossible feat. Not only is it necessary to break floors and install complex plumbing, but you’ll also have to find a way to connect your new bathroom plumbing to your current main drainpipe, which may be too far away.

While, you believe that a new bathroom will be complicated, and may never happen – there is in fact an easy, affordable way to go about installing a bathroom. Saniflo is an innovative, inexpensive and painless method to make installing a bathroom as easy as pie.  

The Saniflo upflush system is unlike other traditional systems on the market. Instead of laying pipework under the floor, attaching it to the main drain line – the Saniflo upflush pump does all the work for you. How?

Just as the name suggests, these units flush your waste upward and away to the mainline that could be more than 100 feet away. Dependent on which unit from Saniflo’s range of products, – you can quietly and discretely pump waste towards the main drainpipe – up to 18 ft away.

No other system can do this. Is it a shock – to learn that Saniflo is becoming a popular choice all around the globe?

How does Saniflo work?

The process is truly simple. The Saniflo above-ground pump includes rotating stainless-steel blades to breaks your waste into pieces (like the blades used in a blender). The waste is liquified, to a manageable consistency. Then the unit quietly and discretely pumps the waste upwards through a ¾ or 1-inch (in diameter) pipe to your sewage system, septic tank or holding tank. You can watch the video below for a demonstration of this. (link)

Once pumped, the toilet is refilled with water and the unit is left clean and empty meaning there is no need for maintenance or repair. Be warned, certain corrosive cleaning products can cause damage to your unit. Be sure to use the manufacturer-approved cleaning Descaler, to clean the toilet of germs and limescale.


This system overcomes the issue of being limited to locations where downhill drainage or gravity evacuates waste. With Saniflo you don’t even need to be in close proximity to the main drain-line.

The best part about Saniflo, is you do not need to do major construction to install the unit. The unit is an above ground pump. Meaning no need to break the floor or deal with messy concrete. This allows for no need for major construction to add en-suite bathrooms, basement toilets, garage installations, toilets for elderly family members, and many other practical toilets that could not be added through conventional methods.

An upflush toilet allows the install of a bathroom virtually anywhere you can imagine!

Saniflo’s above-floor technology makes it possible, even if you were once told you can’t add a toilet to your home due to the lack of a drain line. The upflush toilets will simplify your toilet installation by pumping your waste away to the nearest drain line and/or sewer system. Cutting down on time and money by eliminating expensive plumbing overhauls needed for your upcoming bathroom remodel or addition.

You’ll also be happy to hear that Saniflo’s gray water pumps and toilet systems are all entirely environmentally friendly! Using far less water than the traditional plumbing system. Saniflo’s systems last more than 50,000 flushes (10 flushes per day), and all Saniflo gray water pumps come with a 2-year warranty. This can become a 3-year warranty when you register your pump online.

When it comes to installing a toilet system that won’t break the bank or the floors in your home, nothing beats Saniflo.

Waiting for the catch? There isn’t one. Even the installation is relatively simple! 

For any questions or concerns you can always call our technical hotline at 800-363-5874 to find out which of our products would work best.

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