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4 Bathroom Must-Haves

Bathrooms can be a tricky space to try and spruce up or find fashionable organization for. There are so many options, it’s hard to know where to start or where to look. Here are 4 of our top must-haves for any bathroom.

Luxurious Hotel Towels

Have you ever wanted to sneak a hotel towel home with you after the stay? They’re so soft that you wish you had them at home too! Well, it’s time to upgrade your home towels! Try these 100% cotton hotel quality towels and you’ll never go back to your old towels again. With many color options, you’ll have no problem finding a color that fits your bathroom perfectly.

Water Saving Chrome Shower Head

This shower head will have you wondering how you ever had a shower without it. The water-saving, high pressure and easy cleanable shower head features make this a smart upgrade from your current shower head. Easy installation means you can upgrade any bathroom whether you own or rent. Moving? Just unscrew it to bring it with you to your new house. This affordable and durable shower head will be a great upgrade for your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Roll Stand Organizer

This toilet paper stand is perfect for organization and decor. It’s made of iron to keep it extra strong. The shelf at the top is perfect for anything from toilet spray to little plants whether fake or real. You’ll never have to worry about trying to reach for toilet paper again. Just place this stand right to the toilet for easy, reachable convenience. The gorgeous design and black color makes this a perfect fit for any bathroom color scheme or design.

Nautical Bath Mat

This beautiful dark blue bathmat is the best addition to your bathroom. It is non-slip, washable and available in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit no matter the bathroom size. The trendy and fashionable design will fit right in with your bathroom no matter what color scheme you’ve picked out.

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  • I think we’d all love to have a large $ luxurious bathroom, but that’s not always possible. I’d like to see decorators’ ideas for small bathrooms.