Mixing metal finishes? There’s a long-running rumor that this notion is a major design faux-pas, but today we’re delving right into this myth and sorting fact from fiction. Why? Well the truth is that mixing metal finishes can create a big impact… in the best way possible! Combining silver, gold, brass, or iron (just to name a few), is a great strategy for adding visual interest and depth to a space so long as you do it correctly!

DO: Choose a Dominant Metal

In order to create a space that feels complete and cohesive you should select one dominant metal to prominently feature throughout your kitchen and one or two additional accent metals to help draw the eye to different areas of your kitchen. By doing this you avoid creating a kitchen that feels disjointed or fragmented, and instead you’re creating a space that is interesting and multidimensional.

Tip: For example, if your kitchen hardware is in an oil-brushed bronze, copper pots and accent pieces will add a warm glow.

DON’T: Use More Than 3 Metals

Although we do encourage mixing metals, there is such a thing as “more is more”. Too many mixed metals in one area or room can create visual clutter; we see this mistake happening often with the ever-so-popular gallery wall. When people add frames or decorative pieces of four or more metallic colors in such a small area it can be visually straining on the eye and take away from the overall effect.

DO: Mix Warm & Cool Metals

Many people tend to shy away from mixing warm and cool metals in favor of matching finishes (ie. Two-three warm metals OR two-three cool metals) but we tend to disagree with this! If done correctly mixing warm with cool metals can make a visually striking impact and will allow warmer metals (like gold and brass) to truly stand out and pop among the cooler tones.

For more great tips, inspirational images and do’s/don’ts for mixing metals in your kitchen, you can find the rest of this post on the Bloomsbury Website!

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