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Rebates for home energy audits are still alive

(NC)—Federal funding for rebates on home energy audits that were not booked before March 31, 2010, was cut over eight months ago. However, there are still provincial rebates available for Canadians who have not yet had a home energy audit performed.

64515HFor instance, in order to qualify for an Ontario rebate, a home owner can follow three simple steps: Book a home energy audit with a certified energy auditor, such as Direct Energy; implement the energy recommendations or improvements and book your post-retrofit audit; and finally, submit the documentation required to receive the rebate. Ontarians are currently eligible for up to $5,000 in provincial rebates.

Albertans can consult Climate Change Central for information on rebates for home energy audits, and can rely on a certified energy auditor from Direct Energy to perform the audit. Home owners interested in upgrading their home to a more energy efficient standard can research the rebates available within their specific province.

The benefits of making the recommended improvements based on a home energy audit are:

•     Energy savings: Use less energy year round.

•     Dollar savings: Less energy used = lower energy bills.

•     Greater home value: Energy renovations can increase the resale value of a home and the official EnerGuide label proves the work’s been done.

•     Simpler home maintenance: Sealing up leaks means less mold, and airborne dust and allergens stay outdoors where they belong.

A Direct Energy home energy assessment provides a tailored list of suggested energy efficiency upgrades for each home audited. A home energy audit is the first step towards increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy bills.

More information on energy audits can be found online at or toll-free at 1-866-479-8518.

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