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Lunchroom Cleaning Tips – Most small businesses don’t use professional cleaning services to take care of things like cleaning break rooms and bathrooms. When budgets are still growing, it’s preferable to avoid these types of unnecessary expenses. Moreover, it should be relatively simple to accomplish the same types of cleaning tasks in your workplace that you easily do at home. However, shared areas at work can tend to get dirty fairly quickly when you don’t really assign responsibility or stick to a schedule. Here are a few pointers on keeping your workplace clean and targeting some often-overlooked areas.

Keurig Coffee Maker

If everyone on your office team likes the convenience of using a Keurig machine to make coffee, you’ll have to create a routine for cleaning it. Of course, all of your office’s appliances need regular cleaning, but any appliance that you’re going to drink from definitely needs special attention. Simply emptying the water from the reservoir and wiping it off won’t suffice. Buildup can accumulate that can eventually affect the taste of your coffee and even prevent your machine from working properly. Review how to clean a Keurig before you start cleaning it. Of course, it’s important to unplug it first, and you’ll need to use a good cleaning solution that’s safe for the machine. Using vinegar is a safe and all-natural option that can help to descale the machine from build-up. The more frequently you and your team use your machine, the more you will have to clean it. For lunchroom cleaning tip you have to create a schedule based on how much you use it, and delegate responsibility to an individual or take turns.


If you open the door to your office’s microwave and it emits a smell, don’t use it; clean it. Bend down and look at the top of the inside. You may find an array of liquid and food spatter that has been building up and getting cooked again and again. A great tool for quickly removing built-up food from the inside of an appliance is a Magic Eraser cleaning product made by Mr. Clean. This small sponge-like cleaner has immense cleaning power that removes food buildup with minimal scrubbing.  

Doorknobs and Door Handles

When you clean counters and surfaces, it’s easy to skip over what may be the most frequently touched surface in your office: doorknobs and handles. Use an antibacterial cleaning solution to clean the surface of your office’s doorknobs and the areas around them on the door itself. Clean both sides of the door, and don’t forget the bathroom and breakroom doors. Also, clean the door handles to cabinets, drawers, and appliances. A convenient way to promote regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is to have antibacterial wipes readily available in a few different areas of your office.

Everyone working in an office environment should strive to be conscientious about cleanliness, not just for health concerns but also for professional reasons. When everywhere in your office is visibly clean, it projects a positive and organized image to your internal staff and makes everyone feel more comfortable in their workspace.

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