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Kitchen Maintenance Basics

Kitchen Maintenance Basics – The kitchen is the busiest room in most homes and where homeowners spend the majority of their waking hours. I know that when my wife and I aren’t wrangling kids, we’re in the kitchen preparing meals (for our kids), doing science experiments (with our kids), sharing a bottle of wine (because of our kids) or just doing dishes, (so many dishes)!

kitchen maintenance

It’s important kitchens work because few things are as disruptive as a broken dishwasher. So follow these tips to reduce problems and get the most out of your kitchen.

CLEAN YOUR DISHWASHER FILTER. Many dishwashers have manual filters that need regular cleaning to remove food particles. Clogged filters mean dirty dishes and clogged drain lines that lead to water damage.

MOVE YOUR FIRE EXTINGUISHER OUT OF THE KITCHEN. But isn’t the kitchen the most likely spot for fires?! You bet! But most likely it’s buried in some kitchen cabinet you can’t reach during a fire. Keep it near the kitchen and always accessible like in a hallway or at your front door.

TOUCHLESS FAUCETS ARE A MUST FOR WEEKEND CHEFS. They make kitchen maintenance, hand washing and cleanup easier and also reduce the transfer of harmful bacteria when you’re preparing raw meat.

KEEP FOGG OUT OF YOUR DRAINS. Fats, oils, grease, and grit are public enemy number one for annoying and expensive drain clogs. FOGG should go directly into your garbage or be placed in a separate container first if it’s too hot. And no, coffee grounds aren’t good for your drains. Try your garden though!

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