Renovating a dated kitchen is the key to increasing the value of your property. Whether you plan to stay in your home through retirement or eventually put it on the market, the kitchen is the showcase of your home. The most desirable kitchens reflect the latest in high-end design trends.

The epitome in upscale kitchen countertops over the past decade, granite and other natural stone has remained popular. The new hot trend in kitchen countertops is concrete. If you are surprised to hear the combination of the words concrete and countertops, relax for a moment and browse on line. You will discover concrete countertops reflect exquisite style and a one-of-a-kind design.

Most surprising to those unfamiliar with concrete work, custom concrete countertops can be made to look like grand slabs of natural stone. Concrete countertops can be as opulent or as simple as the designer wishes.

The premium price for the finished concrete countertop can cost as much or more than natural stone but the investment is well worth it. Working with concrete requires experienced skilled craftsmen to create top quality results. Many complex steps are involved before the slab can be installed and polished.

Craftsmen pour the cement but the homeowner can help create a personalized design. From elegant stencils to embedded glass shards, a custom designed countertop can reflect personal style. Concrete can be colored, polished, stained or painted to coordinate with kitchen décor. Concrete countertops can be stunning.

In addition cement is environmentally friendly and considered a green product. Rather than using irreplaceable natural stone, cement is recycled, reused and renewed. As many contractors and homeowners become more aware of the environment, the idea of using local products while cutting down on waste makes sense.

In addition, concrete is a popular choice for bathrooms, sinks and showers. The durable nature and ease of maintenance of concrete ranks it high above other popular choices. Check out sites featuring concrete countertops before you decide on contractors for your next kitchen remodel.

If you want to break out of the granite mode, stainless steel is another trend in kitchen countertops. The sleek industrial sheen of stainless steel fits into a modern design. It doesn’t work well with traditional designs focused on creating a warm setting.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen or a backyard retreat, when it comes to renovating your property keep up to date with popular trends. Compare all the design possibilities before choosing the best match for your individual style.

Liz Hughes regularly writes articles about Interior Design at North Carolina Design Online, North Carolina’s premier resource guide for interior design and home décor.

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