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New Homes: get the Most BANG for your buck!

What to spend on to make your new house an impactful Home!

Paint and Wall paper:

  • In new homes they suggest you wait a year for “the house to settle” – but that is a year of boring primer white walls – Add the colour now. If you get settling or “nail pops” – repaint when they are repaired – the cost is worth your sanity!
  • Paint an Accent wall in a deep dramatic colour – but not the longest wall in the room! –
    • The fireplace column –
    • The short wall of a rectangular room
    • Walls and ceiling of powder rooms
  • Don’t paint trim or ceilings in super white/white blue colours – try slightly creamy for ceilings (BM – cc 140 cloud white for example – trim in HC 27 Monterey White)
  • The warm white make the house feel much warmer than the cold white

Wall papers:

  • Feature walls – like a headboard wall –
  • Great in a dining room – in warm colours with perhaps some sparkle
  • An accent wall in the family room or breakfast nook
  • Quality wall papers have never gone out of style – but are certainly trendy again

Window coverings/ fabrics

The house may not come with window coverings –

  • Fabric can add a finish and drama to the windows you have
    • Pinch pleats
    • Grommet top
    • Roman blinds with side panels
    • Soft valances
    • Blinds or shutters
  • Ready made” can save you money if need be – or discount fabric stores (Designer Fabric outlet)
  • Have extra fabric to make throw cushions in the same fabrics for the furnitur


  • Rule of thumb – if you use it a lot – buy quality – if you use it rarely – be frugal
  • A quality sofa or sectional will last you a very long time and likely you are going to be in it several times a week or day!
  • Buy a neutral colour for the large pieces – (sofa/ love/ sectional) – you can add “trend” colours with cushions and accessories –
  • Select a simple line for the large pieces so they will work through “taste changes”
  • Leather is a good choice for a young family – Not Fabric
  • BUY A GOOD MATTRESS! – You spend half your life there!! – try them out in the store to get the right thing for you


  • What is great decor if you can’t see it! Lighting completely changes a drab space into a bright spot in your life!!
  • Have a look at installing pot lights thoughout the space to brighten it up dramatically. They make a huge difference in the winter months – Having lighting overhead – Like the sunshine – is much better than lamps that have a light source “at the horizon” when it is just 5pm!
  • Change the bedroom lighting from those cheap square bedroom overhead lighting fixtures to something with a bit of style – you are going to want to use a flush mount fixture that doesn’t show the bulb – however a cute little chandelier for kids rooms – and a larger one for the master can make a huge impact without breaking the bank. Be careful of the ceiling height before you buy anything!
  • A new entrance/Foyer light can make the first impression much more impressive for you and your guests. You can get this done generally for well under a thousand dollars!
  • Bathroom “beauty bars” – horrid!! – get new bathroom fixtures over the mirrors. Make sure you maintain “good” lighting for getting ready in the morning – you will hate the new fixture if you miss this part – bathrooms want good lighting – powder rooms can be more dimly lit.
  • DIMMERS BELONG EVERYWHERE! – the function of rooms like the kitchen is that they go from “sliver surgery” – to “romantic meals” and parties

Closet Systems:

  • We are in the closet at least twice a day – make it a pleasant experience!
    • The single bar in a “walk in” is more frustration than anything
    • Get a system from a company (Simply Closets or Organized Interiors) OR go to a big box store and buy one that you install yourself
    • Get drawer dividers (Solutions or IKEA) and organize the mornings and life
    • Use the storage space from floor to ceiling with the organized closet – avoids having a basement as a JUNK area

Large canvas or Mirrors

  • If you have a tight budget – get a large canvas and paint it yourself in bright “block colours” it takes up a big wall space- saves money and creates drama in the room
  • A large mirror or a collage of mirrors can also use up wall space and create visual interest – search Craig’s list to find what you might need – used is fine for things you don’t interact with.

Where to save — Don’t Waste Money Here:


  • If you are a chef-like cook – then splurge on the Subzero Wolfe or Miele or Bosch – but if you aren’t?
  • Most people can’t tell you the “make” of their appliances – unless they don’t work!
  • Do what suits your lifestyle in terms of “warming” vs. “really cooking”!

Poor Quality/ Inexpensive Sofas and Chairs:

  • Nothing about them lasts very long with a new/young family or with animals
  • They look good for a short time – but look bad in months

The Diningroom Table / Furniture:

  • All for show but rarely will you use it at all! – The dining room in our world – tends to be a “walk by” room – why spend a ton of money here!!

Poor Quality Plumbing Fixtures:

  • Water is a nasty thing when it’s where it isn’t supposed to be
  • Quality faucets cause the fewest problems in general
  • The beauty of good faucets and showers adds both personal pleasure (rain heads) and saves on plumbing bills in the future – leaking faucets, broken fittings, etc.
  • You interact with them at a minimum of 2 times a day – worth making them worth while


  • Tend to be trendy
  • They have no “real” function – but they do add form
  • Can be expensive in the scheme of things
  • Framed children’s art can be fun – if you are on a budget


  • Oversized televisions can ruin a room completely – turning the living room into a “movie theatre” because that TV was on sale – is not the right spot to put your money now
  • Create a Home Theatre when the money is there to do so – not when you start out!

Fix the structure first:

  • You can live without the 82 inch flat screen! Instead repair the “unsexy” things – good heat and windows, roofing etc is way more important in the long term of your home happiness!

The Open Concept

  • Knocking down walls to create open concept space – can be more problem than assistance
  • Walls need to be supported
  • Furniture placement may become more difficult than it was before
  • Cost and “unforeseen” elements really drive up costs
  • Figure out how the house works now – before you rip stuff out!


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