EXPERTS WEIGH-IN ON Mistakes When Selling Your Home YOU CAN AVOID.


In my experience, professional home cleaning should go hand in hand with professional home staging. Dirt and odor may not show in photos but it will definitely show during an open house. Homeowners often miss details like cleaning inside window frames or inside closets. A thorough cleaning can be a very time consuming process but a professional cleaning and staging company knows what needs to be done and can take care of all the little, forgotten details for you! A few other things we suggest homeowners consider includes having family pets visit a friend’s home while they are selling, making sure all laundry hampers are empty prior to viewings (hide laundry in the washer if need be), and make sure all furniture and appliances are finger-print free. – Karolina Beccue


Another mistake when selling their home is that homeowners fail to properly stage their outdoor living spaces. This is especially important when you are working with a small space or a condo where every square foot of living space needs to be showcased at its best. Adding furniture to a small balcony turns the balcony into useable space and if it is visible off of the living area, it also helps to visually expand the size of the room! If you have a larger balcony or patio, staging the area for entertaining will show potential buyers the opportunities available to host family and friends. – Laurie Usypchuk,

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