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Interior Design and Your Province

Interior Design and Your Province. Are you that kind of person who can’t help but examine the decor through the window of a house that has left its curtains open with the lights wide open when it’s dark? Keep reading for tips on Modern Furniture, Interior Design and Your Province!

We all have a little bit of voyeurism in us, and for interior design enthusiasts, the evening is an ideal time for a walk. While many people find their ideas and inspiration online, as this recent Think With Google study suggests, others find their inspiration through their neighborhood. But what about the neighboring provinces? As Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, the most popular styles are not the same from one province to the next.

Modern Furniture by Mobilia

Sources of Inspiration for Modern Furniture

Houzz and Pinterest are two compelling sources of online inspiration for Canadians. While Pinterest is used to find inspiration in various areas, such as decoration, beauty and recipes, Houzz is completely devoted to interior design. The two social media respectively reveal some data each year based on the behavior and usage of their users. We can thus learn in its Analytics tool that Pinterest users use the platform mainly for DIY and DIY ideas (67%) and inspiration for interior design (67%). As for Houzz, a survey of 16K Canadians in 2018 reveals that 71% of people who want to improve their interior are motivated by the desire to have a trendy design and to feel good at home. Although the two platforms do not reveal the preferences of Canadians according to the habits of use, one can always trust the data revealed by the search engines by knowing a little more about the preferences of each province.

Popular Modern Design Queries on Search Engines

When people use a search engine to find products or brands, Google is chosen in 70% of cases. And since the different platforms of the giant are accessible and provide us with valuable data on research habits, it is possible to deduce the main trends by territory and by province. We learn that for all the provinces of Canada, among all the common styles, it is the modern style that is the most sought after by far. Unanimously, the provinces are looking for inspiration for modern design, while the 2nd and 3rd most searched terms differ by province.

What Research Reveals About Modern Furniture Styles

According to Google Trends, the term that has been searched the most over the past 12 months is rustic, followed by contemporary and minimalism. While all the provinces are more rustic in style, Quebec differs greatly, looking more for the minimalist style, followed very closely by the contemporary style. The contemporary style is also the 3rd most popular style for all the provinces. Among the most popular modern furniture, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia searched more for tables, while the other provinces sought more beds, the two requests being the most popular, followed by chair and desk.

A Conclusion to Draw

Depending on the province where you are, if you are in the furniture, interior design or decoration industry, the reflexes will not be the same when the time comes to shop, so it is better take advantage of the insights that are found on online search habits in order to align with consumer needs. Adapting to the market in real time is the best way to compete.

Modern Furniture, Interior Design and Your Province

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