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Quick Fixes for a Perfect Easter Celebration

These quick fixes for a perfect Easter Celebration will keep the stress to a minimum and the enjoyment to the max!

Hosting an Easter gathering for friends and family? Glen shares ten quick fixes for a perfect Easter celebration to help you get ready, entertain in style and relax through-out the process!

  1. Clear out the Christmas urn at the front door and replace with tulips or daffodils.  They are spring flowers and they like the cool spring weather (not freezing though).
  2. A straw welcome mat from the hardware store can be stencil painted with a “Happy Easter” or a bunny silhouette.
  3. Create a wreath of feathers (made from a boa) and decorate with artificial daffodils and mini chocolate eggs for arriving guests.
  4. Personally greet your guests at the door – don’t send your 5 year old to do it. People will feel more relaxed.
  5. Clear space in the front hall closet for coats.  Take your coats up to a bedroom and leave the front hall for guest coats.
  6. In a larger vase, display cherry blossoms in water for a pop of colour. If you can’t find real blossoms, use paper or artificial blooms.
  7. Try to organize a meal that doesn’t require you to be in the kitchen to the last minute – when the host is frantic, guests feel uneasy.
  8. If your dinner is buffet style, create and decorate the area in advance and know what bowls you will use for various foods to avoid stress.
  9. For a sit down dinner, set the table in advance and decorate place settings with chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies along with place cards.
  10. Pre-arrange an Easter egg hunt for the children after dinner so the adults can continue to chat.  Put a name on each egg so that each child has something to find.

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