CANADIAN HOME TRENDS USING RECYCLED TIRES FOR PAVING IS A FANTASTIC IDEA! HOW DID IT COME TO BE? ENVIRO PAVING The technology was actually developed in Canada for cracked driveways and Enviro Paving brought it across the country through a network of franchises. Traditional methods of paving cause a lot of headaches to homeowners, because it can‘t withstand harsh elements. Rubber, on the other hand, is extremely durable and flexible so it does not crack! CHT HOW DOES IT HOLD UP IN WINTER? EP That’s one of the things our customers love the most! Snow and ice do not stick to rubber, and the ice will not bond to the paving. When you are shoveling or blowing the snow off, it goes very smoothly. CHT WHAT ARE THE MAIN AREAS YOU USUALLY PAVE? EP Our main business is driveways, closely followed by sidewalks, steps, patios, pool decks, hot tub decks, play areas, you name it! Because the product is porous, the water goes through and does not stay on top. This makes it an extremely safe, slip-resistant surface. For that reason, we also do a lot of retirement homes, daycare playgrounds, golf course pathways, hotels and schools. For businesses like this, Enviro Paving is a fantastic investment in safety for their clients. In some cases, it can literally save lives! CHT SUCH A HIGH-END PRODUCT MUST BE EXPENSIVE. WHAT’S YOUR PRICE RANGE? EP You will be surprised. Enviro Paving is actually much more cost-effective than if you were to replace your old, cracked, concrete driveway! We go right on top of your old cracked paving. You don’t have to tear it all out and dispose of it which dramatically reduces the cost. CHT WHAT A GREAT IDEA! HOW IS THE PRODUCT PLACED? EP There is a bit of art to it. It’s poured in place and we don’t use any heavy machinery. It is all placed by hand, using simple tools, with attention to esthetics and detail. CHT HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? EP Most jobs can be poured in one day. After 24 hours, you can walk on it and after 48 hours, you can drive on it. CHT IT’S FASCINATING THAT YOU USE ALL THESE MATERIALS, CAN YOU TALK TO US ABOUT THE ECOLOGICAL SIDE OF YOUR BUSINESS? EP Thank you! Some companies like to claim they are recycled, even though they use man-made rubber chips. We make a point of staying 100% recycled and using only shredded tires that would otherwise go to the landfill. We use about 100 tires on an average driveway! The fact that we use no machinery and you don’t have to tear out old concrete and dispose of it makes a huge impact on our carbon footprint. For example, we only produce about 4% of the carbon footprint that paving a similar area in asphalt! CHT WHAT IF I WANT TO DO ENVIRO PAVING IN MY AREA? EP We provide an amazing franchise opportunity for the right individuals all across Canada and USA. In our franchise program, we are business partners and provide a great amount of support and business tools. Give us a call! CHT HOW CAN WE GET IN TOUCH? EP Call us anytime for a free estimate at 1-800-317-4797 or visit us at to request an estimate. Using Recycled Tires for Paving ideas and more great ideas, click here. For more unique items for your home, click
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  • I saw this kind of paving in a public area in Penticton….it was very impressive! certainly something to consider when we have to re do our driveway!