Downtown living where space is at a premium is the new norm for many of us. Rather than feeling trapped by these limitations, there are new stylish small space hacks for storage solutions which combine the freedom of clutter removal with the impact of great style.

Small Space Hacks

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OTTOMAN EMPIRE Ottomans provide a stylish way to hide a multitude of hoarding sins. They also tuck neatly under a floating shelf or in a corner to be brought out for additional seating when needed.

BENEATH THE BED Under-bed storage bins or boxes are an extremely useful tool given that they are usually not seen by anyone but the homeowner. Seasonal clothes, extra pillows or blankets, can all live comfortably under your bed or sofa until they are needed. Many bins have wheels making it easy to access items when needed.

FOLDING TIME Think practically and fill your small space with double duty pieces. There are many options for furniture that function in more than one way. A drop leaf table can become a console, desk or even dining room table depending on how and where you set it up. Changing accessories based on use is an easy tactic to instantly increase your space. Recognizing a serious demand, many furniture designers are now creating pieces with a fold-out option like desks that start off small and stylish but open to seat up to six guests comfortably.

HOOKED UP Time-tested, sturdy and stylish fold-down metal hooks are must have small space hacks for any homeowner with limited space and no garage. Whether hanging extra chairs until company arrives or affixing your bike to the wall during home hours, hooks are useful and also make your place look like a cool warehouse loft in Brooklyn.

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