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Suspension Therapy

Do you suffer from neck pain, back pain or chronic injuries that aren’t improving? Redcord is a treatment option that uses a suspension exercise system to isolate “lazy” muscles. This makes it easier to activate and strengthen those same muscles. Using Redcord therapy, professionals can determine which muscles are weak, identify compensations that your body is using and teach your body proper movement patterns which help to reduce pain permanently.

– Suspension Physiotherapy Calgary

healthier lifestyle

Miracle Of Oxygen

Anyone who has had a panic attack will tell you that the feeling of a heart racing and a mind in a state of frantic thought is only the beginning. What is often forgotten is to breathe. According to breathing expert Bill Allen of Oxygen Cures, it seems like a given but most of us aren’t getting enough oxygen from our regular breathing. This is heightened in an instant, with the onset of anxiety and panic.

The solution can be as simple as training to breathe. One of the many benefits of improved oxygen in the human body is that it can combat the side effects of anxiety. It reduces stress levels in your body, lowers your heart rate, improves regulation of your body’s reaction to stress or fatigue and improves mental clarity.

The process is quite simple. Start with one hand on your stomach and in a standing straight or sitting tall posture. Place one finger just beneath your nose to increase inhalation velocity. Exhale until your lungs are empty and then breathe in deeply. Pause, slowly exhale and pause again. For best results practice this method in sets of five, three times a day.

For a full video demonstration of this breathing technique, visit

healthier lifestyle

Stress Management

Even those who do not struggle with regular mental health issues may have noticed changes during this last year as a response to the added stress. When your brain is in a state of stress, your limbic system is activated. The limbic system activates three common nervous system states: fight, flight or freeze.

Those who respond with “fight” will experience higher levels of anger or frustration and struggle more in interpersonal relationships. Those in the “flight” state are more inclined to make changes to their world, such as moving or changing careers. Finally, those who experience a “freeze” reaction often feel stuck and unable to make a change.

One easy way to manage your stress responses is to practice deep breathing as it signals to your body that it can rest. If you find that you struggle with these feelings on an ongoing basis, it may be time to reach out for professional support. These are challenging times and you don’t need to figure it out on your own.

– Serenity Now Wellness Centre

healthier lifestyle

Acupuncture And Massage

Massages aren’t just about taking care of your body, it’s also a way to help reduce the everyday stresses of life. The benefits of massage and acupuncture are numerous and when utilized together, they ensure phenomenal results in almost every area of a person’s health and mental well- being! These include sports injuries, back pain, sciatica, cancer, skin problems, addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, migraines, TMJ, IVF, IUI, pregnancy, insomnia, IBS, eczema, arthritis, menopause and much more.

Professionals can offer various types of massages to target specific needs. Dr. Ken Tang advises that starting with a massage will increase your circulation, ease your mind, release tension and incorporating acupuncture right after the massage will allow for deeper healing and longer lasting effects of both treatments.

– Peace of Mind Massage Therapy Centre

healthier lifestyle

The Power Of Flower

Fresh flowers are a great way to decorate but they are also a great mood booster! Here are some tips to care for your flowers.

CUT FLOWER BOUQUET The key is to avoid bacteria entering the cut surfaces of the stems, and blocking the water intake. Simply refresh the vase water and recut the stems (for loose cut flowers) every 2-3 days to reduce bacteria accumulation. Use room temperature water instead of cold water for better water absorption. Also, it’s better to avoid direct vent and direct sunlight for your bouquet. If your bouquet includes hydrangea, you can also mist it as hydrangea petals absorbs water.

ORCHIDS It’s fairly easy to care for your orchid while it’s in bloom. It’s recommended to water every 7-10 days with 1/4 to 1/2 cups of water. Do not fertilize the orchid while blooming, since it will accelerate its growth and shorten the bloom life. If the orchid blooms start to wilt, check its leaves. Shiny, thick leaves suggest a healthy orchid plant that has just done blooming. Overwatering is indicated by bottom leaves yellowing from the center. Skip one to two rounds of the watering cycle and remove the yellowing leaves. If the leaves are thinning and “wrinkled,” the plant is under-watered. Orchids store water in its leaves and will start to consume the leaves if it’s under- watered, resulting in thinning or “wrinkled” leaves. Simply increase the amount of water for each water cycle.

– Florigens Design,

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