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Why are so many Canadians using the equity in their homes to get ahead financially?

With interest rates at the lowest they’ve been in many years, it is a good time to be a borrower. For existing homeowners, this presents an extra opportunity to access funds at a very low interest rate, using a home equity loan or line of credit. If you’ve been paying down your mortgage and your home has been appreciating in value over the years, then you have built up equity in your home, meaning the difference between the value of your home, and how much you still owe on your mortgage. This equity can be extracted in cash, and used for things like consolidating high interest credit cards, taking on a home improvement project, or making another investment. With no sign of interest rates going up in the immediate future, it’s no surprise that so many Canadian homeowners are taking advantage of this opportunity right now. – Smarter Loans

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How can I close my deal if the tenant refuses to leave?

We have had many sellers in this predicament already approach us for advice. We explain two choices. They can make a deal with the tenant to provide an incentive for them to move if the tenant is agreeable. Otherwise, they can offer the buyer a discount to close with the tenant, with the understanding that the buyer will continue the eviction proceedings now that the Board is scheduling eviction hearings. We have been successful in negotiating these agreements already in our practice. There is no set amount and no matter what you offer, the tenant can refuse to accept it. Our advice is to assist them in finding a comparable place to move to and pay an incentive to make sure that they come out in a similar or better rental position. Then have the tenant sign Form N11 where they agree to leave on a specific date in exchange for the compensation. Once the lockdown ends and the Sheriff is given the authority to enforce an eviction, it should be easier to complete an eviction in a more timely manner. – Real Estate LLP

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How can I make sure my home is clean and sanitized properly?

It can be hard to find the time to clean. When hiring a cleaner, why should you go with a company over an independent? A cleaning company offers a certain level of security and carries insurance which protects you as a homeowner. They have also trained and vetted their employees to effectively and efficiently clean your home. This can also speak to the level of clean achieved in your home.

A quick tip – There is a difference between sanitizing and disinfection. Sanitizing removes dirt and disinfecting eliminates germs. It is important to use both as a strategy for the best clean. – Merry Maids

What are some easy ways to improve my outdoor living space this summer?

Enhancing your summer experience can be as simple as an outdoor bathroom that guests can access without traipsing through the house with wet/dirty feet! While this may seem like a pricey and time-consuming project, above ground plumbing solutions can make your project hassle free.

As sanicompact, elegantly styled, one-piece toilet with a built-in macerator, makes installing plumbing a simple task in tight spots such as a guesthouse, granny pod, tiny home or even the garage! This unit allows for smaller pipes and fewer fittings, which translates to both space and material cost savings. Ideal for both residential needs to your modular home and off-grid situations, Sanicompact is designed with the combination of a vitreous china toilet bowl and macerator/pump built into one compact unit. The stainless steel blade makes repairs and maintenance a thing of the past.

Need more than just a toilet? Small enough to fit inside a cabinet, the Sanivite was designed to handle the toughest applications, such as a sink dishwasher, shower, urinal, and even a washing machine! This is made possible through an indirect connection such as a laundry sink. This user friendly solution to drain pumps makes adding a sink, shower or toilet a realistic outdoor project! – Saniflo

How do I know what windows and doors to choose when building or renovating my home?

When building or renovating your home, choosing the proper windows and doors is very important for the cooling and heating of the home as well as proper lighting. When choosing windows and doors look for PVC or Fiberglass options that have been thoroughly tested and are backed by a lifetime warranty. These should meet an NFRC and NAFS standard and include a CSA-440 approval. When looking into warranty on doors, windows and entrance ways, make sure that they have licensed techs that are available if any issues arise after installment.

– Berdick Windows & Doors

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