Eleven Canadian designers select the 2021 design trends they think are the hottest right now! (Colors available from Beauti-tone, exclusively at Home Hardware).

With everyone at home, warmth, comfort, earth tones and texture are trending forward. These natural details connect us to the earth, our tribes or nations, and security. – Designer Glen Peloso

2021 Design Trends

Blue has been a favorite for many years and will continue to be a at the top of 2021 design trends. When mixed with brass, jewel toned blues add the look and feel of luxury to a space that can be toned down for a more casual look as well. Fresh and faux greenery are the new neutral accents for 2021. We’re tired of seeing grays for the last few years and a touch of green in our homes can be cheerful no matter what your interior style is. Greenery will add life to the space and soften the look. Plants can be placed anywhere in a home to fill a void, as an accent piece or just to simply add color. – Designer Susan Jomha, Distinct Interior Design

2021 Design Trends

When it comes to 2021 design trends, we are so excited to see the strong come-back of statement-making color schemes! Bright, powerful hues partnering with clean neutral base colors create high contrast and stark visual impact. Say yes to neons, reds, and sharp blacks, because more is more, once again! Pair bold color with sustainably manufactured furniture and accessories made by local artisans using local materials to add timeless character you can be proud of! – Designer Annaliesse Kelly, Annaliesse Kelly Design

My favorite colors for 2021 are Sprout, with its soft and relaxed yet fresh feel and French Toast, for its warm and welcoming feel. It is not too dark but offers us that inviting feel. Homeowners these days are looking to feel rooted and safe. They want to feel like their home is giving them a hug and these colors deliver that. Alternatively, if you are planning to sell your home, I would recommend Sandy Toes and Artifact. These neutrals lean to the warm and cool tones without being predictable or fussy. They are both inviting and can be versatile enough to suit any buyer. I would recommend a color consultation with a Home Staging or Decorating Professional in your area if you need extra help. – Jill Turgeon, Simply Irresistible Interiors

2021 Design Trends

In 2021, we will see a soft and warm color palette with soft whites, deep taupes, and hues of tones like cognac, gold, and blush to give a sense of serenity and warmth. Many people are opting for more interest and depth to their four walls. Sleek linear paneling, applied moldings, upholstery, and curved alcoves are a few ways we feel really help to add dimension to a space. This will continue to develop into 2021 with the combination of curves and clean lines. We love how the juxtaposition between these two elements, when thoughtfully designed together, can create such a unique piece. – Designer Gabriele Pizzale, Pizzale Design Inc.

2021 Design Trends

We are appreciating our homes more than ever. Warm whites are grounded by deeply saturated charcoals, blacks, blues and greens. Sometimes whole rooms and/or cabinetry is painted in these deep tones to create a space you want to curl up in. 2021 design trends will be towards livable spaces with textured fabrics like boucle and even textured surfaces like reeded glass or the suede finish Silestone quartz offers. We will see more soft lines in furniture with lots of arches and curves. With more people working from home and eating at home, kitchens will see increased organization behind the cabinet doors and cabinetry is going to start to steal the show with lots of detail in the design, like integrated hardware, reeded detailing, mitered frames, and more curves! High tech appliances are key, with induction cooktops and smart fridges adding efficiency to family meal planning. – Designer Lisa Moody, Grapevine Designs

2021 Design Trends

2021 is going to be about restoration and rejuvenation and color will play a big part in this. Muted colors that have depth will gently lift our spirits, reminding us that it’s going to be OK. Colorful textured textiles will grow in popularity to add depth and comfort to our spaces while multi-colored large scale print wallpaper will add whimsy and interest. The continued use of organic materials and shapes will connect us with nature and ground us, creating a sense of calm. – Designer Kelly Penuita, DecoChic Interiors

2021 colors are definitely warming up. So much so that in my System for Specifying Colour I have recently created a new category of colors for the paler than pale beiges, the Complex Creams. You Are My Sunshine is a great example of a complex cream and I think this will be a very trendy color for 2021. Warmed Cognac is another trending and versatile neutral that can be used to warm up any room! Muted greens that move towards olive, like Jamaica Me Crazy, are also trending, especially for cabinetry and accents. Blues have been in the warm green register for a few decades, so the blues that are looking new and of the moment are leaning towards periwinkle like Ethan. With warmer, more grounded color palettes, texture is king. Indulgent cozy fabrics like bouclé and shearling are everywhere, especially on accent chairs. – Designer Maria Killam

The changes and adjustments we have faced in 2020 will lead to a design direction in 2021 that is more focused on locally sourced materials and products. Handmade furniture, lights and accessories will be more in demand in 2021. Spending more time at home and working from home will also affect our choice of interior colors for the next year. I think we will see more rich and vibrant colors that denote health and happiness. – Designer Negar Reihani, Space Harmony

The trends I see for 2021 are a combination of rich moody hues and elegant neutrals with a strong emphasis on warmer tones. It’s all about bringing more softness into spaces using colors and accessories. The increasing desire for natural materials will include textural materials like wool and jute. Handmade Moroccan Berber styled rugs will be greatly appreciated for their hardiness and noble simplicity. Originality in design and excellent craftmanship will be sought after with homeowners choosing to invest in quality they can enjoy for many years to come. 2021 will also see a lot more curves in design, from walls to doorways to sofas and chairs. – Designer Yvonne Whelan, Yvonne Whelan Design

Copper tones mixed with the natural warmth of earthy green will be a hot trends in 2021! These colors will not only find themselves in your living rooms and bedrooms but will also be a topic of conversation in your kitchen space! – Designer Deborah Lacroix

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