Second Story Expansion in Just Two Days – If you’re not familiar with the idea of modular additions, this involves a process where the walls and roofing materials are pre-built off-site and then installed on-site in a very short period of time. Modular Home Additions, a Toronto-based company that specializes in modular additions, was able to transform this home from a bungalow to a two-story while only being on-site for two days! The second story is completely framed, protected and ready for windows, shingles and interior and exterior finishes.

Follow The Process: DAY 1

First Photo: 9:00 am, Demolition of the existing roof begins. Second Photo: 2:00 pm, Existing roof has been removed and protection for the lower floor has been installed.

Follow The Process: DAY 2

9:00 am, Pre-built walls are lifted into place and installed. First Photo: 10:00 am, Roof trusses are installed. Second Photo: 2:00 pm, Second floor is completed, framed and ready for finishing. Second Story Expansion in Just Two Days – There are a number of benefits to adding to your home in this manner. STAY AT HOME On the first day on-site, the existing roof is completely demolished and the Modular Home Additions team installs protection to keep the lower floor safe. This means you are able to stay in your home throughout the process, a benefit that can greatly reduce the stress and eliminate some of the living costs that come with traditional additions! MINIMAL MESS Garbage created from the removal of the existing roof is cleaned up the same day and because the walls and roof are pre-built off-site at the Modular Home Additions factory, you don’t have the normal mess of construction or headache of finding space for construction materials. The pieces arrive and are installed all on the same day. HAPPY NEIGHBORS There is nothing worse than waking up one morning to discover that your neighbors have embarked on a month-long, noisy renovation process that is going to leave the neighborhood a mess and you sleep-deprived. Not only does this process result in much less mess, but neighbors appreciate that the disruption to their everyday lives will be minimal as well! – Photos Provided by Modular Home Additions, For more great ideas, click here. For more unique items for your home, click
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