Empty Room Ideas for Empty Nesters – If you have an empty room in your house and you already have a guest room or office, here are some creative ideas to make use of this room!

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LIBRARY Libraries seem to be all the rage right now. Imagine bookshelves lining the four walls from floor to ceiling. Add some comfy chairs for the perfect place to get away from electronic devices to enjoy a good read. HOBBY ROOM Do you love sewing or maybe you collect comic books? Being able to get away and work on your hobby in peace or have one place where you can put all your collectibles on display is another great idea for an empty room

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YOGA Are you into yoga? Go one step further than just using it for a gym and create the ultimate spa for your spiritual well-being. Add comfortable mats, soft lighting and essentials oils. You’ll be relaxed in no time. GAME ROOM Does your family like game night? Create a game room where your family can escape, or teens can hang out. Add a large table, comfortable chairs and storage areas to store all the board games.

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DRESSING ROOM Still trying to keep up with the Kardashians? Consider converting this empty room into a dream dressing room to display all those shoes and purses that you have collected over the years.

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MEDIA ROOM Are you a movie buff? Create a media room with a sound system, reclining cinema chairs and a popcorn maker. Empty Room Ideas for Empty Nesters – MUSIC ROOM Is your family musically inclined? Add musical instruments, soundproof walls and set up your own recording studio. Who knows, you may just have your first #1 hit single. – Text by Christine Da Costa, www.decorbychristine.com For more great ideas, click here. For more unique items for your home, click shopCHT.com
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