It is a very common myth that winter is a terrible time to sell a home. As a result, there’s a lot less competition in the market during the colder months, and a blanket of fresh snow can show off your house, if you play it right.

  1. Keep windows clean and drapes open as much as possible to bring in natural light.
  2. Keep pathways clear (no one wants to slip and fall) and pick up any pet indiscretions as snow always looks best when white!
  3. The winter months can leave your home smelling musty, therefore it is imperative to air it out frequently. It’s also a great idea to bake something before a showing to fill the house with a warm winter-friendly aroma of cinnamon, ginger or apple.
  4. Hide boots, shovels, and snowsuits. They remind potential buyers that winter can be drudgery.
  5. Raise the thermostat a few degrees before a showing for your home to be warm and inviting. You want people to be comfortable and happy when viewing your home.
  6. Too many throws, blankets, and heaters scattered around your home can leave the impression of a cold house with a bad heating system. Whenever possible, use the fireplace as an alternative.
  7. When buyers leave your home with a great impression, you won’t have to fear the sometimes dreaded winter real estate months!

Text by Joe Mancuso, As Seen in Canadian Home Trends Magazine

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Joe Mancuso is an award winning realtor in the Toronto Area. He brings a wealth of business experience to the table from building and renovating here, to handling commercial properties in the US and producing Green Building products in Shanghai. Joe has always believed that the fundamental goal revolving around property is that it suits the clients needs and aspirations. Simply put, his best tip is "whether you spend $5 or $5 million on your home, it is essential that you are satisfied. The reality is that in the end, when all is said and done and everyone else goes home, you have to live there. It's your home, so it is important that you like it!"

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