Although their old kitchen was three times the size, with strategic planning and design we were able to create a more functional new kitchen in a much smaller square footage.

The Kitchen

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We mapped out the proposed cabinets and island along the dining room floor, using painters tape, to help our clients get a better sense of their new space prior to construction. Due to the fact that our clients are avid cooks we needed to design a plan that would accommodate a wall oven and microwave combination in addition to their 36 inch slide in range, a 36 inch refrigerator and pantry storage as well as a custom wine cooler, not to mention storage for their dishes, crystal, pots, pans and over 100 cook books. This meant taking advantage of every inch of usable space, optimizing organized storage throughout. The 50 inch wide island allowed for a 12 inch overhang for four counter stools as well as 12 inch deep bookcases concealed behind sliding doors along the back of the island. We also created a built-in bookcase in what would have been a basic knee wall and created a hidden drawer under an existing stair landing to take advantage of every empty cavity.

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