Much has been written about how to increase property value, but there are some things that will lower property value when it comes time to buy a house.

1. Roof

Buyers want a good roof on the house. If it is leaking, make sure to fix it before trying to sell the house. It is a deal breaker for most buyers. If it has left discolored marks or damage inside the house, take care of those at the same time. Buyers also want to know how many layers are on the roof. Is it time to tear off the old roof and start again?

2. Environmental Concerns

Asbestos has been a problem for home owners for a long time. If you have asbestos in your home that you want to sell, it needs to be removed by a professional and documented. More recently, black mold has become a major problem. It also needs to be taken care of before you try to sell your home. Don’t give the potential buyer a reason to move on to the next property.

3. Outdated Appliances

Buyers usually want new appliances, so go ahead and replace them with new ones before trying to sell your home. Most buyers prefer stainless steel appliances because they look great and are easy to keep clean. Many buyers also prefer as many modern conveniences in the kitchen as they can get. For example, consider buying a top-of-the-line double oven. Make sure everything sparkles when showing the house.

4. Location

Buyers want quiet neighborhoods where they feel safe. They want to be close to grocery stores, restaurants and other shopping centers. They want good schools. It pays to be familiar with the area where the home is located. Know the major routes to businesses. Point out how well the house is located in a neighborhood. While we can not control where the property sits, being an active citizen may have stopped some of these things from moving into the neighborhood in the first place. A privacy fence can block some unsightly messes from potential buyer’s eyes.

5. List of Honey Dos

Potential home owners want a home that is ready to move in to. Yes, they will do their own decorating, but they want things to be ready to do the finishing touches. They do not want to be burdened with a whole list of little things that must be taken care of. Take care of all the little details before showing the home. That screen door that needs replaced should be replaced prior to showing the home. That plug that is not working needs to be fixed. That window blind really needs to be replaced. Stop putting off the honey dos and do them before trying to sell the home.

6. Garage

Besides the house, the second largest purchase many people make is their cars. Therefore, people want a place to keep them protected. Most people have at least two cars and want room for both of them. If the house you are trying to sell has no garage, consider if you can build one. People also want storage in the garage, so consider adding storage options to the garage. If your garage needs a good cleaning, make sure and do it before showing the home. Do whatever you can to make the garage look as large as possible.

7. Old Trends

We can all count trends that have come and thankfully gone in décor. If those items are not gone from your home, it is time that they leave. Paint all walls a neutral color before showing the house. The teenagers black light room really needs to be replaced with a room featuring natural lighting.


This guest post was written by Celine Davis, who writes about various personal financial savings opportunities with Mint Coupons.

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