One of the most unusual houses in the world is the bubble house along the Mediterrian coast in Tourettes-sur-Loup, France. The home was designed by Antti Lovag, who never finished the property, which resembles little bubbles. The house has amazing views of the coast when residents look out the windows. The house also has its own waterfall, stream, palm trees and exotic vegetation within the house. In designing the house, Antti Lovag incorporated many design elements, including built in furniture and lots of storage space. However, it is not unique, as Antti Lovag has designed three other houses on the coast that are similar. The limestone colors of this house help it look like it belongs in the area. The government of France considers this house to be so important that they have declared it a national monument. What can we learn from this house that will help us design our own property better?

1.      Buyers Want Houses That Are Similar

Most home buyers are reluctant to buy a house that is truly unique. They want a home that looks very much like it fits into the neighborhood. If most houses in the area are duplexes, chances are that people in the area want a duplex. If most houses in the area are single family dwellings that is what others will want. While people may claim to want something unique, they will buy something that looks like their neighbor’s house. Even in the case of the bubble house, Antti Lovag designed three other similar properties in the same area.

2.      Buyers Want Natural Environments

Every few years there is a new trend in real estate. If we look at recent history, some of them have been to paint houses unique colors like deep red, or to install black lights. If you are old enough you will remember the disco era, when little girls and boys wanted their rooms to look like a discothèque. These trends will come again, but want people really want is a house that looks like it belongs in the environment. In the southern United States, for example, adobe style homes look like they belong.

3.      Buyers Want a Focus Place

In the main area of the home, buyers want a focal place. In the bubble house, the designer took this to an extreme with a waterfall. Most of all buyers want a floor plan that makes sense. In some homes, the fireplace serves as that focal point. It is also the reason that having an island kitchen is so popular. It gives a central point to a room.

4.      Buyers Want Storage

One of the things that can really improve a house is the storage. Look for ways to build in even more storage into your house. Furthermore, when having an open house, look for ways to accentuate this storage. Maximize it and the house will sell quickly for more money.

5.      Buyers Want Amazing Views

The bubble house has amazing views of the Mediterranean coast. Unfortunately, we can not all have that awesome view. Take steps to create a view that will be enjoyed. A well manicured yard with beautiful shade trees goes a long way to creating that atmosphere. If the neighbor’s yard is ugly, consider putting up a privacy fence.



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