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Best Flooring for Bathrooms

Best Flooring for Bathrooms.  What are the best flooring options for my bathroom? PORCELAIN OR CERAMIC TILE The traditional choice for bathrooms, porcelain or ceramic tile are waterproof and very durable. They come in a wide variety of finishes including wood or stone looks and a variety of sizes and shapes that allow for a lot of design flexibility. They are easy to clean but can be cold and slippery. Selecting a tile that has a texture to it and installing radiant floor heat under the tile will resolve those issues. VINYL FLOORING This type of flooring has grown immensely in popularity with choices that not only look and feel much better but also stand up better to moist environments. It is easy to install and a budget-friendly option that can look like hardwood or tiles, doesn’t expand or contract, doesn’t get hot or cold and most importantly, is guaranteed to be waterproof. If installed correctly, vinyl flooring will outperform most floors. – Zain Peerani, For more great ideas, click here. For more unique items for your home, click
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  • would you install the vinyl flooring in your own bathroom? or stick with traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles?

  • I would use Vinyl in a bathroom. The previous owners of my house put down laminate and it is bubbling like crazy !!

  • Both options have their benefits. Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank are becoming a very popular choice because they are budget-friendly and available is a wide variety of styles to create the look of hardwood, tile and more without the feeling of a cold floor underfoot. For a high-end space where budget is not a concern and in-ground heating is an option, traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles is a very popular choice.

  • I put vinyl in the newest bath, wish I did for the others. We put wood not a good choice.