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What is a Bidet? Bidet Myths Dispelled!

What is a Bidet? They are a standard in many homes in most parts of the world including South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. However, they are still an unknown for a majority of North Americans, many who have never tried one, aren’t sure what they are used for or have concerns based on common myths.

A bidet is a plumbing fixture used for washing the genital and anal area, providing a warm water wash rather then just using dry toilet paper. Here are five common myths you may have heard about bidets and the truth behind the benefits and effects of using a bidet.

Myth 1: Toilet paper is just as good.

The use of just dry toilet paper doesn’t provide the same level of cleanliness with residue usually left on the skin after wiping. This can lead to skin irritations and infections and can be extremely painful for those dealing with other conditions specific to that area. The spray of a bidet provides a gentle water-based wash that removes any residue on the skin and provides a much deeper clean then using toilet paper. Considering a bidet for your bathroom? Check out this Beginner’s Guide to Using a Bidet for a step by step guide to using different bidet styles!

Myth 2: Bidets are bad for the environment.

After all, it uses more water and we’re supposed to conserve water right? Consider the benefits: you use minimal toilet paper – approximately 75% less. On average, we use approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper each day. The number of trees required for production is astronomical and the manufacturing process to produce toilet paper requires a significant amount of water. Reducing toilet paper use not only saves you money, but it conserves more water, uses less trees and results in a positive impact on sustainability and environmental issues.

Myth 3: Bidets are just for lazy people.

For many of us, bidets are something we’ve only seen in movies where they are generally a luxury item located in the home of a rich individual, the type of individual that has staff to do everything for them. They don’t do anything for themselves, not even wiping their own bottoms. The truth is, good hygiene is something we can all benefit from and being lazy isn’t part of that equation. The high level of hygiene from one is also beneficial for those suffering from conditions such as hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and more. It is a great source of care for those with mobility issues including seniors and people living with disabilities. It provides a hands-free wash with minimal twisting and bending in the process providing a greater sense of independence. Nearly everyone, at any age, can benefit from using a bidet.

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SpaLet Bidet Seat, American Standard

Myth 4: Adding one would mean renovating my bathroom.

At this point, you may be thinking of adding one sounds like a good idea but you really don’t want to have to renovate. Thanks to new technologies, you can now get bidet seats like the SpaLet Bidet Seat from American Standard that install directly onto your existing toilet. They are easy to install and allow you to enjoy the benefits of a bidet without having to renovate at all.

SpaLet Bidet Seat, American Standard

Myth 5: I don’t have room.

The other benefit of a SpaLet Bidet Seat is that you can now have one in any bathroom, no matter how big or small. Even the smallest powder room can offer the benefits of a bidet. If your bathroom has room for a toilet, you have room for a SpaLet Bidet Seat!

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