Glen’s Vancouver Travel Guide

Vancouver is a fantastic city that we find ourselves in regularly as the Glen and Jamie line of furniture is made for us there. There are many fantastic places to visit for both food and design, not to mention great places to stay.

The Pacific Rim Hotel is a great place to stay if you would like to be pampered. We love the restaurants in the hotel and the lobby bar was a great place to meet people. There is always music playing and the locals use it to the utmost.

For a more boutique experience, I encourage you to check out the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It is a luxury hotel in every way including some of the best restaurants in the city. Reflections, in the hotel, is a great patio where you might see the rich and influential set out of a cocktail. The Hawksworth Restaurant is considered to be one of the best in the city. If your looking for a 5 star experience, you will be pleased with the choice of hotel.

The Convention Centre is also a great place to visit if you are looking for fantastic architecture. It sits on the water’s edge with a great view of the ocean, harbour, surrounding city and boats bringing goods and supplies to the country. The structure of the centre is also an achievement. Even if you are not scheduled to attend the Convention Center, you want to have a look just for the details that are part of the design.

You can’t miss Stanley Park! It has been rated one of the best parks in North America. It is a long walk around the entire park but a great bike ride or roller blade event. Stop along the way for a snack or a rest and enjoy the beauty of the park. There are few places like it in the world and it is well worth the trip.

Gas Town

Gas Town

Get out and get your design on! You are going to want to go to place like Gas Town which is very close to the Pacific Rim Hotel and the Convention Centre. It has great historic value as one of the oldest areas of the city, based right on the water. You will find a selection  boutique stores ranging from antique stores to new design spaces that will intrigue. Walking around in the area will not only bring you history but also design inspiration.

Yaletown can bring great design inspiration and shopping. Visit The Cross Decor for some great pieces that delight visitors and locals. They will ship product wherever you need it to go. You may want to go toward the end of the day as this former warehouse district is also filled with great restaurants, fantastic night life, street cafe’s and galleries. This is another great area to just to walk around and discover. You will find few “chain” stores in the area which makes it very distinct to the city.

You can’t go to Vancouver without a visit to China Town. This bustling area is perhaps the most thriving Chinese community in Canada. There are great restaurants and bars in the area like the Keefer Bar and Bao Bei, both of which we have been to a few times. Hit up The Union as well for great food and decor with a mix of Malaysian, Indian and Asian fusion. Communial tables make it a great place to meet people as well. Don’t forget to shop for home decor with a slight sense of discerning taste. Some things are cheap and cheerful while others are gems indeed.

Sushi is also great in this fantastic city. There are many great sushi restaurants in the city ranging from the fantastic and expensive to the cheaper and amazing quality ones as well. This city knows sushi and if you’re not on your game you will not survive. There are a few I’ve loved that won’t break the bank like Yamato Sushi, Naruto Sushi, Sushi Zero.

Granville Island

Granville Island

You have to visit Granville Island. There is a fantastic market used by many locals and visitors alike. The food is fresh from the sea or farm and always local. There is also a large selection of Artisans and Craftspeople that will WOW you with their skills. There is a huge cultural component with dance and theatre for every age as well as theatre, music and art festivals. This historical center dates back to the turn of the last century.

For a more home decor focused trip, don’t miss Main Street. Find inspiration at beautiful shops including Propellor Design and Da Vinci’s Home. There are many fantastic fashion destinations as well, including the Uniqlo store in association with Nordstroms. You can spend several days and a lot of money on Main Street.

There is also Little India, and south Granville that we haven’t talked about but they are worth a visit if you have the time. it would be easy to spend a few weeks or a few months to really see the city and all it has to offer before you started to repeat places.

Mostly I recommend that you see the city as much as you can. It may be one of the most “paradise places” that Canada has to offer.  Visit VancityBuzz for more information.

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