Summer is closing and the outdoor meals are less comfortable. Its time to look at the dining room again:


  • Inviting – you want your guests to want to stay
  • Dark colours are good — or dramatic wall paper in deep colours
  • Space is meant to be romantic – rarely do we have “over lighted times” in the dining room
  • The dark colours help to create an intimate and safe feeling – Like a hug!
  • Bright colours say – Wake up – get out of the house –Great for a “breakfast nook’


  • A very important aspect
  • Ideal to have a drop pendant over the table that suits the furniture
  • Chandelier if formal, drum shade if casual
  • Surround the table with pot lights so that everything in the room is safe in terms of bathroom visits and service


  • These are very important – most important that they are comfortable
  • People will sit for a long time if they are going to enjoy your company – the food isn’t the entire focus of a dinner party – it’s to visit
  • Hard wood chairs are great for casual short meals – but good for a proctologist not for a dinner
  • Bad chairs are right up there with turning the television on!


  • Flexible in size
  • If you have a table for 12 but only 4 to dinner – you don’t want to have them yell to get the pepper shaker
  • Obviously if the table doesn’t expand, 4 can never be 6 or 8!
  • Modern tables in glass are also expandable and great for smaller spaces as they don’t take up aesthetic space
  • Traditional tables usually have leaves!


  • Rectangles, or ovals are great in most rooms
  • Squares and rounds are great to see but need to have a room that is suitable in size


  • They should be 24 inches larger than your table to allow the chairs to sit fully on the carpet
  • The half on half off is irritating as your chair wiggles or you lean back – the wine may assist!

Enjoy the meal!

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