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Do I Quality for a Home Equity Loan?

The rules and requirements for qualifying for a home equity loan can vary depending on the lending company or bank but the basic requirement is that you own a home that is worth more then you owe. This difference is considered your home’s equity and is used as the collateral to secure the home equity loan.

At Tribecca, we specialize in custom solutions design to suit your specific needs. We have lending products available for individuals of all income types: self employed, commission, contract, seasonal, salaried, pension, etc. As long as you have sufficient equity in your property and can make the monthly loan payment, you will get approved.

As a non-bank Lending Company our guidelines are more flexible then those of banks and traditional financial institutions. This allows us to help individuals with financing options that are specific to their requirements. This also allows us to work faster, with most applications approved within 24 hours and access to the funds from your home equity loan within a matter of days. As a result, there is less stress and less waiting, especially when funds are needed for emergency situations!

f you’re looking to access the equity in your home, the experts at Tribecca Finance can help! To get started, simply Apply Online or call them at (416) 225-6900 and one of their lending specialists will be pleased to assist you.

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Tribecca Finance is an alternative lending solution for many people in Ontario. We are dedicated to treating all of our customers as more than just a number. Our customers always receive personal service from one of our professional and friendly lending specialists. We understand that life is full of financial challenges and opportunities. We listen and work with you to offer loan solutions to meet your needs. Our lending products consist of personal loans, home equity loans, construction loans, first mortgages and second mortgages.

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