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Easy Curb Appeal for Home Owners

If you want to add some curb appeal over the weekend or longer – it is for sure a possibility.

From easy to more difficult –

Just buy it!

  • Two urns to flank the door with some florals provides some symmetry, beauty and focus
  • Add some fun furniture to the porch inexpensively – check out Urban Barn or Lowes etc for great outdoor selections
  • A few throw cushions on the furniture can add a great pop of colour to the porch!
  • Some solar powered walkway lights can create a border to the garden and light the way to the door creating appeal
  • Get some flowers in bloom and fill the garden with some colour by planting a few things or hang them from hooks on the porch ceiling to frame and provide some privacy –


  • The mail box on the house – often it is old and beaten up – check out things like Taymor product or Umbra in a variety of stores and some big box stores
  • The numbers on the house – get them in chrome or brushed steel or black or script! Easily found at Lowes and other big box stores!
  • Change the porch light to something more appealing – perhaps chrome or black with frosted glass to mask the bulb (used to be a gas lamp – now an ugly cfl I can see!) hide that bulb!
  • The front door hardware – fantastic in chrome and simple lines from Taymor

  • The glass insert in your door to something more appealing without Brass!

  • Get a new front door – which requires some help for sure – check out Ital Door for some good quality products!
  • The railings in rusted iron can go to wood or vise versa with lots of results – a bigger project for sure!

A Project (but not so big! –)

  • Paint the front door in a fun colour – you will be rejuvenated when you come through the new colour!
  • Paint the railings into another colour – try something to match the house colour or accent in black or grey or combined white spindles with black handrail!
  • Re-stain the deck or the front porch if it is in wood – or paint it with concrete paint to clean it up!
  • Tile a concrete porch with stone tiles – it will bring class and elegance to the entrance way
  • If you have windows beside or looking over the porch – how about some shutters to widen the look of the windows and make the house more inviting
  • Create a flower box for under the window on the porch or for the front railing and increase the blooms at the door! – great colour and great smell!
  • Build a structure to hide all those things that are important to have – garbage bin, recycling bin, green bin– it cleans up the look of the front of the house and it’s good to discourage Racoon friends also!
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