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Evelyn’s Pink Christmas Design Board


I LOVE THIS LOOK because pink is not just for girls. When pink is paired with sophisticated metallic finishes such as copper, burnished gold and aged silver it takes on a new personality. Used in a soft and blushy tone, it tends to be more contemporary and elegant.

HOW TO CREATE THIS LOOK Design a space using copper, gold, a touch of silver and pink. Start with neutral furnishings and pair them with vibrant accents. It will look sophisticated and glamorous.

As seen in Canadian Home Trends Magazine, Fall 2014 – With Bonus Selections!

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Evelyn Eshun has been providing creative Interior Design solutions for her Residential Clients in the Toronto area for over a decade. Principal Designer at Evelyn Eshun Interior Design, Evelyn has participated in various Television programs over the years in addition to her Design business. With a passion for design and travel, Evelyn has translated her extensive and various experiences into a design philosophy which puts the Client’s needs and functional needs first. Always striving for a unique and personalized solution for each Client, Evelyn prides herself on creating interiors which will stand the test of time. Whether transforming an old and tired property into a vibrant home or simply finishing a home with the decorating touches which make a house a home, the goal is always to collaborate with Homeowner, Trades and Suppliers to finish the project successfully.

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