Five quick steps to update your kitchen for the New Year!


1. Declutter: Find a home for items like the toaster, so after you use it every day, it could then be put away, big open shelves in corners are good for this ….everything should have a place to keep the counters as clear as possible, look carefully at the photo of the broom storage solution built into a slot in the side of the pantry.


2. Organize: Keep “like” items together and items you use every day in a handy location , that way you will not be wondering where to put things when you take them out of the dishwasher or wander around the kitchen opening doors and drawers, when you are in a hurry trying to cook a quick meal, looking for the cheese grater or the potato masher only to find it in the Tupperware drawer.


3. Beautify: Add some colour – pick your favorite colour and add some little splashes of it in a few accessories , such as flowers, tea towels, curtains, containers, stools etc you will be amazed how much this brings your kitchen to life. A Beautiful flower or plant can change up the feel of your kitchen seasonally; with potted Poinsettia in the Winter , fresh tulips in the summer etc add a lovely seasonal vibe that lasts till you are ready to welcome the next new season in ,with its signature flowers.


4. Buy Quality not Quantity: A beautiful well-designed kitchen needs very little, as far as accessories go, a few nice pieces go a long way to setting an elegant tone to the décor. Good covered serving dishes and silver trays look elegant any time of year. Splurge on beautiful and long lasting flowers and plants to add life and colour to your kitchen in keeping with the seasons.

usable accessories

5. Add Useable Accessories: Buy some accessories that add personality, such as beautiful wood chopping boards, containers for utensils, on counter bread basket. I love to find functional pieces that add personality to the kitchen and serve a purpose beyond just decoration. Often homeowners have these pieces under their nose behind glass in china cabinets or packed away in boxes and are not using them at all or appreciating them. If you can find a practical use for them you can see them and enjoy them every day. Pull out heirlooms and use them as fruit bowls or pots for plants, or serving platters etc.

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Rhonda Thornton, Principal of Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry, is an accomplished Kitchen Designer with over 17 years of residential kitchen design and planning experience. Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry is a leader in design and manufacturing of truly Custom Cabinetry, specializing in the art of Bespoke English-Style cabinetmaking, built to with stand the test of time and trends. Rhonda has collaborated on well over 500 kitchen projects and has had the privilege to contribute her expertise to some of the most stunning homes and cottages in the GTA.

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